Bailey's of Norfolk is a family-run business established in 1975.  We are proud of our commitment to manufacture and supply turfdressings, rootzones and growing media, that meet the most rigorous specifications. An emphasis on technology and a perfect supply of raw materials, unique to Norfolk, enables us to manufacture products of the highest quality.

In 1995 we added a soil analysis laboratory to our headquarters at Hevingham, allowing us to continually monitor the quality and consistency of our products throughout the manufacturing process.

Ongoing investment in machinery and equipment and the construction of a 15,000 sq/ft unit, means that our production facility is second to none. The unit is divided into 15 bays, housing our drying, sterilising and bagging operations. Each bay can hold 300 tonnes of product and provides a clean dry holding area.

We have a thriving business providing products for football pitches, golf courses and bowling greens across the country. We deliver nationwide in bulk loads, bulk bags or easy to handle 25kg bags. We are always happy to discuss your requirement with you, so please, give us a call!

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Bailey's Soil Analysis Laboratory
Bailey's Soil Analysis Laboratory

Bailey's soil analysis laboratory monitors the quality of our products and provides a testing service. Articles by the BoN-Lab Manager:

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